Every child – all girls and boys – must be allowed to learn.

Children are born into the world eager to learn. All too often, though, they do not have access to education. Today, more than 110 million school-age children worldwide, mostly girls, are not going to school and millions more are receiving poor quality education.

But a quality, basic education is every child's fundamental right. Gender discrimination must be eliminated, and schools must become places where all children feel safe. Schools cannot be so far away that they would be unable to attend. Education is not only a child’s right. It is also a child's responsibility, one of the most profound responsibilities a child can and wants to undertake.

Learn Without Fear: the global campaign to end violence in school

Plan’s international campaign “Learn without Fear” envisions a world where children can go to school in safety and expect a quality learning experience without fear of threats of violence. The campaign aims to put an end to violence against children in all schools. It is a truly global in scale campaign that places special focus on the 48 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in which Plan works. Learn Without Fear targets 3 of the most common and damaging forms of violence in schools: sexual violence bullying corporal punishment The main elements of campaign include: Persuading governments to outlaw all forms of violence against children in school, and t...

Rewrite the Future

The right to go to school belongs to every child. However, 72 million children are still out of school around the world, and 39 million of those children live in conflict-affected and fragile states.Realizing the need for immediate action, Save the Children launched the Rewrite the Future campaign, its first global campaign, focused on securing quality education for the millions of children out of school due to war and armed conflict. Three years on, it has helped over 10 million children receive a better education .Save the Children has set itself the challenge to get three million out-of-school children, living in conflict-affected countries into school by 2015. It also works to make sur...

Education for All: Class of 2015

The Education for All: Class of 2015 initiative, led by the Global Campaign for Education together with number of individuals and institutions proposes a global mobilisation to ensure that the 75 million children out of school in the world’s poorest countries get access to classrooms, teachers and the future that education provides. Education is a fundamental right and governments have the prime responsibility for realising it. Those countries that have achieved universal education have all done so through government action. The Education for All: Class of 2015 commits to doing its part to meet the goals below and calls on all governments to be accountable for their promises on education ...
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