It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that children's rights are respected.

In 1989, the international community adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention states that all children, everywhere, have the rights to survival and opportunity, to protection from abuse and exploitation, and to have a say in decisions that affect them. It is a legally binding document and its fundamental principles are non-negotiable.

The governments of the world have made a commitment to put children first, and they reconfirmed that commitment at the Special Session on Children in 2002. Now it is up to us, adults and children alike, to make sure this promise becomes a reality. Many organisations and people are already working together to ensure that this is never forgotten – find out about them here!

Demand Dignity

A mnesty International’s Demand Dignity campaign aims to end global poverty by working to strengthen recognition and protection of the rights of the poor.The campaign will demand the leadership, accountability and transparency that are essential to end the human rights violations that keep people poor. This is a campaign about all rights. It is the combined abuse of civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights that drives and deepens poverty. By demanding dignity we are demanding that all states adopt and implement the laws, policies and practices that will end deprivation, insecurity, exclusion, and voicelessness. Participation and involvement in the decisions that impact on...

Put It Right

UNICEF UK has launched in 2010 ‘Put It Right’ – a major, five-year initiative to inspire unprecedented action to protect the rights of children everywhere – rights to a childhood, to be healthy, to be educated, to be treated fairly, and to be heard. They have these rights wherever in the world they are born. But for millions of children around the world, these rights are denied. The global recession, climate change and spreading hunger are making this situation even worse.Through this campaign UNICEF raises awareness of child poverty and challenges people to take actionUNICEF is working in more than 190 countries around the world to protect children and to uphold their rights. ...

The Big Dream Campaign

Toybox has launched a new campaign called The Big Dream based around the dreams of street children and the Millennium Development Goals. The campaign aims to bring lasting and positive change to the lives of street children, street working children and those at risk of becoming so, through front line work, prevention and advocacy, being a facilitator and enabler, galvanising people and resources in the UK, Latin America and worldwide. Pressuring governments to recommit to the Millennium Development Goals is the core of the campaign.  The United Nations MDG Summit took place between the 20th and the 22nd September in New York, during which the world leaders all renew...
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