Ending all forms of discrimination and exclusion against children.
There is never a good reason for denying a child freedom and opportunity. Yet throughout the world, children face discrimination because of the colour of their skin, their gender, a disability or because of the traditions their parents passed onto them.

Discrimination is a denial of that which we believe to be self-evident: that all children are born free and equal in dignity and rights. And how can we talk of human rights without starting with the rights of those who hold the greatest potential? We can teach our children to be tolerant and live without fear or hate or prejudice. And words alone will not be enough. We must also act, by ensuring every child the freedom and dignity he or she deserves.

Because I am a Girl campaing

‘Because I am a Girl’ is one of the central campaigns conducted by Plan International. Fighting gender inequality, promoting girls' rights and lifting millions of girls out of poverty constitutes the heart of the campaign. Over 500 million adolescent girls and young women in developing countries who could play a crucial part in the next generation’s economic and social development, does not because of the lack of opportunities for education or worthwhile economic activity. Annually published report - ‘Because I am a Girl: The State of the World’s Girls’ – focusing on girls in the global economy warns that failing to send girls to school is costing the world’s poorest countrie...

Universal Birth Registration

Every year millions of children are not registered at birth. That deprives them of a lot of opporunities in the future. Without birth certificate they are denied access to eduction, healthcare, property just to name a few . Plan International appreciates the seriousness of the situation and with its ‘Universal Birth Registration’ campaign steps in to bring awareness to the problem. A birth certificate plays crucial role and has a great impact on the future of a child. It protects children and gives them rights that every citizen is entitled to. It provides permanent, official and visible evidence of a state's legal recognition of the child’s existence as a member of society. Plan's ca...
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