10 'Must-Dos' to better protect children's rights

Adopted from the GMC 'Say YES for Children' campaign 10 imperatives pertaining to children's rights.

1Leave No Child Out
Ending all forms of discrimination and exclusion against children.
2Put Children First
It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that children's rights are respected.
3Care for Every Child
Ensure all children the best possible start in life.
Protect children and adolescents and their families.
5Stop Harming and Exploiting Children
Bringing to an end all forms of violence, abuse and sexual and economic exploitation of children.
6Listen to Children
Respect the rights of children and young people to express themselves and to participate in making the decisions that affect them.
7Educate Every Child
Every child – all girls and boys – must be allowed to learn.
8Protect Children from War
No child should experience the horrors of armed conflict.
9Protect the Earth for Children
Safeguard the environment at global, national and local levels.
10Fight Poverty, Invest in Children
Invest in services that benefit the poorest children and their families, such as basic health care and primary education.
XOther campaigns & actions
Campaigns and actions that belong to more than one of GMC’s imperatives.
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