Lessons for Life

Lessons for life was the GMC’s one of the most successful campaigns. It was launched on the occasion of World AIDS Day (December 1) 2004 and continued through 2005 until 2006. Lesson for Life was a global effort to educate children about HIV/AIDS prevention and to spur them, their communities, and governments to accelerate action on behalf of children and young people affected by HIV/AIDS.

In honour of World AIDS Day, children around the world drew on the GMC's internet-based resources to plan community-based discussions, plays, dramas, and writing that were designed to stimulate learning about HIV/AIDS and to explore ways to act on behalf of affected children.

Lesson for Life's objectives included:

  • To increase understanding of HIV/AIDS including prevention, its impact on children (especially girls), and the Convention on the Rights of the Child as it relates to prevention and the protection of children with HIV/AIDS.
  • To stimulate community action among children and other participants as a result of the lesson (for example, the creation of peer support networks).
  • To advocate for government funding, policies, and legislation that ensure respect for articles 65 to 67 of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS, which relate to children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.
  • To increase the sense of belonging to and understanding of the GMC as a movement of organisations and people, including children, which works to build a world fit for children.

The Lessons for Life sought to empower and enable national coalitions and partners to define and act meaningfully on their own national advocacy priorities within the global activity of the Lesson for Life. Overall, 32 million children have participated in Lessons for Life since 2004. The Lessons for life events were mostly organized at the grassroot level: in schools and non-formal education spaces. It helped children learn and organise themselves around their response to the HIV and AIDS crisis.

Don't turn your back on AIDS - campaign's video

More than 1,000 children are newly infected with HIV every day, and of these more than half will die as a result of AIDS because of a lack of access to HIV treatment. In addition, millions more children every year are indirectly affected by the epidemic as a result of the death and suffering caused in their families and communities.

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where lies the world's future?
1Saturday, 23 July 2011 12:10
it is said that "children are our future leaders" and if we keep on losing these children then where lies the future of the world? let us stand up for these children for they are very precious.

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