GOAL 6: Combat AIDS/HIV, Malaria & other diseases

Hundreds of thousands of children across the world become infected with HIV every year and, without treatment, die as a result of AIDS. In addition, millions more children who are not infected with HIV are indirectly affected by the epidemic, as a result of the death and suffering that AIDS causes in their families and their communities (Avert). Within goal six, all UN countries pledge to combat AIDS/HIV, Malaria & other diseases.

The situation is dramatic. At the end of 2008, there were 2.1 million children living with HIV around the world. In the same year estimated 430,000 children became newly infected. Out of the 2 million people who died of AIDS during 2008, more than one in seven were children. Most children living with HIV – around 9 out of 10 – live in Sub-Saharan Africa, the region of the world where AIDS has taken its greatest toll. Large numbers of children with HIV also live in the Caribbean, Latin America and South/South East Asia (UNAIDS 'Report on the global AIDS epidemic 2009').

Next to AIDS, malaria is taking a heavy toll. Between 350 million and 500 million cases of clinical malaria occur each year, leading to an estimated 1 million deaths. Over 80 per cent of these deaths—or around 800,000 a year—occur among African children under age five (UNICEF, Malaria & Children Report). Malaria kills an African child every 30 seconds. Many children who survive an episode of severe malaria may suffer from learning impairments or brain damage (End poverty 2015).

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