GOAL 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Within goal one, also called the poverty goal, countries pledge to halve the proportion of the people who suffer from hunger. The number of adults and children living in extreme in 2009 just went beyond one billion (FAO estimate). Although the poverty rate is falling, there are regions – sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia – where both the number of poor and the poverty rate are expected to increase due to still severe in some of the countries economic crisis (UN MDG Report 2009).

Poverty hits children hardest. Therefore, the goal 1 includes targets on nutrition – aiming to halve the prevalence of underweight children under five by 2015. The declining trend in the rate of under nourishment in developing countries since 1990-1992 was reversed in 2008, largely due to escalating food prices (UN MDG Report 2009). Adequate nutrition is vital for building children’s immune systems and for their motor and cognitive development. Yet about one in four children in the developing regions are underweight. The consequences are devastating: under nutrition is the cause of more than one third of child deaths. Geographically, more than 70 percent of malnourished children live in Asia, 26 percent in Africa and 4 percent in Latin America and the Caribbean (WorldHunger.org)

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