Millennium Development Goals


Building better world for children with Millennium Development Goals

Millenium Development Goals: Building a better world for children In 2000 United Nations member states together with a number of international organisations agreed upon eights international development goals aimed at improving dramatic situation of the poorest countries on earth. Designed to be met by 2015, they have focused on tackling issues ranging from poverty to developing a global partnership for development. Although MDGs are about improving situation of all people stricken by the poverty, they are particularly relevant for the most vulnerable – children.   

Meeting the deadline is now a priority for developing countries
. With only 5 years left, there is a need for revision of the progress made towards the achievement of the goals. MDG Summit in September 2010 in NY is an opportunity to go through so far achievements and failures and pressure the legging behind countries to speed up changes.

A lot of advocacy and lobbying is needed to bring awareness to the fact that immediate actions need to be taken if the goals are to be met. It is the very last moments to stop negative trends and get on the right track. Despite the fact there is a lot of work ahead, with political will, strong partnership and coordinated efforts the goals are achievable.

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