The Regional Network of Adolescent Communicators

The Regional Network of Adolescent Communicators, LACVOX, created in 2008 by UNICEF, gathers the network of adolescent communicators from different countries around the region under common premises – the right for children and adolescents to participate as agents of change and to have their voices be heard.

LACVOX identifies opportunities to showcase and exchange local experiences and learning know-how concerning adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Coordination of the Network

The network’s building block works essentially through internet communication. The flow of information to and from the network is coordinated and facilitated by a focal point at the UNICEF Regional Office. The LACVOX blog is the main communications tool. It carries instructive information on how to produce materials (videos, newsletters, etc.) and updates the readers on different events and initiatives regarding children’s rights taking place in the region. Many of the articles posted on the website in the form of press/video notes and stories of successful experiences from adolescents are also posted onto a special page within the Regional UNICEF Site.

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube are part of the networks’ digital media cluster. Voices of Youth (VOY) the digital youth site managed by UNICEF at global level, is also part of the digital media facilities supporting LACVOX.

Structure of the Network

The makeup of the network has various levels. It is a network of networks, which individually can be classified in various ways. There are the networks supported by UNICEF’s country offices, which are categorized as part of the internal level. There are the adolescent communication networks supported by organizations outside UNICEF, which are categorized as part of the external level. Additionally there are adolescents who do not belong to either of these two types of networks, they are known as the independent communicators.

The ages of the adolescent communicators range between 9 to 18 years. Without any exception, all the groups have the support of an adult guidance to promote and oversee their activities.

All children and adolescent who wish to participate are most welcome to join LACVOX.



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