Education for All: Class of 2015

The Education for All: Class of 2015 initiative, led by the Global Campaign for Education together with number of individuals and institutions proposes a global mobilisation to ensure that the 75 million children out of school in the world’s poorest countries get access to classrooms, teachers and the future that education provides.

Education is a fundamental right and governments have the prime responsibility for realising it. Those countries that have achieved universal education have all done so through government action. The Education for All: Class of 2015 commits to doing its part to meet the goals below and calls on all governments to be accountable for their promises on education and do their part to meet these goals:

  • Ensuring that the $11 billion per year external financing required to get 75 million children into school
  • Improving the quality of education by training and recruiting 18 million teachers between now and 2015
  • Reaching all children by developing new strategies to reach hard to reach children
  • Encouraging national governments to dedicate at least 20% of their national budgets to education and to abolish the fees that prevent so many children from going to school.

The Class of 2015 is made up of the Global Campaign for Education, some of the world's leading charities, major multi-national companies, supportive governments, senior education advocates, teacher trade unions through Education International, major faith leaders and other important supporters of EFA including FIFA, the world football federation, Bono and Sir Bob Geldof.

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