Rewrite the Future

The right to go to school belongs to every child. However, 72 million children are still out of school around the world, and 39 million of those children live in conflict-affected and fragile states.
Realizing the need for immediate action, Save the Children launched the Rewrite the Future campaign, its first global campaign, focused on securing quality education for the millions of children out of school due to war and armed conflict. Three years on, it has helped over 10 million children receive a better education .

Save the Children has set itself the challenge to get three million out-of-school children, living in conflict-affected countries into school by 2015. It also works to make sure the education they get is good quality, and to improve the quality of education millions more children who are already in school in poor countries.

The principles to which the campaign subscribes are as follows:

  • Every child has the right to education.
  • Education can and must protect: it helps rebuild lives
  • Education must be a part of every emergency response.

Join the campaign and help rewrite the future for all the 39 million children being denied an education in countries affected by conflict.

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