Hope for African Children Initiative

The Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI) is a pan-African effort created to address the enormous challenges faced by millions of African children who have either been orphaned by AIDS or live with parents who are sick or dying from AIDS-related illnesses.

Established in 2000, this unique partnership brings together six organizations that share an international focus - Care, Plan, Save the Children, the Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, World Conference on Religion and Peace, and World Vision - working together to increase the capacity of local communities to provide support services to orphans and vulnerable children in Africa. Recently, NAP+ (Network of African People Living with HIV/AIDS), joined the partnership.

The goals of the HACI partnership are: to strengthen the capacity of African communities to advocate, care for and support children impacted by HIV/AIDS and prevent further spread of HIV; improve orphans and other vulnerable children's welfare by increasing access to education, adequate food, psychosocial support, basic health services, and legal rights, and to catalyze a global partnership to expand the resources available to achieve these goals.

The seven organisations involved are working together to increase the capacity of local communities to provide prevention, care, and support services to African children and their families affected by HIV/AIDS. Through the initiative, the partner organizations have extended the scope of their combined efforts on HIV/AIDS far beyond what anyone of them could achieve individually. This type of partnership helps to improve coordination and expand coverage and results for services for children affected by HIV and AIDS.

HACI is based on three fundamental principles: it is child-focused, community-based, and committed to ensure that their programmes are integrated. Since HIV/AIDS-related problems cannot be adequately addressed by any single solution or intervention, many different interventions are needed to respond to the broad range of needs of children, their families and communities. Amongst other projects, HACI provides technical support in community mobilisation to community-based organisations working with people affected by HIV and AIDS in order to gather support for children made vulnerable by the disease. It also has an advocacy policy, seeking to strengthen voices from a range of organisations to speak out on behalf of HIV/AIDS affected children and reduce the stigma associated with the pandemic.

While creating strong alliances and networks of local NGOs and community-based organizations to scale up successful programs and interventions that ensure a brighter, better future for orphans and vulnerable children, at the global level HACI is striving to be the lead partnership organization of international NGOs mobilizing additional resources to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on millions of African children and their families.

Please get in contact with the Hope for African Children Initiative to find out how you can help!

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