Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS

'Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS' is UNICEF's international campaign that strives for real and lasting change to protect the rights of children affected by HIV.

For years children with HIV haven’t been receiving the life-saving medicine they needed and have been often denied their right to be a child. Therefore, in 2005 'Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS' was launched as a global Call to Action to all those working to protect children from the impact of HIV and AIDS drawing attention to the international community’s commitment to the Millennium Development Goals and the promises world leaders have made since the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS in 2001.

The campaing comprizes of four key element (4ps):

P1 -  Prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission

P2 -  Provide paediatric treatment

P3 -  Prevent infection among adolescents and young people

P4 -  Protect and support children affected by HIV and AIDS

Addressing all of the ‘Ps’ simultaneously is fundamental, as only through comprehensive approach the success is possible. To ensure the next generation to be AIDS-free, join the campaign now.

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