World AIDS Campaign

The World AIDS Campaign is a global coalition of national, regional and international civil society groups united by the call for governments to honour their AIDS commitments under the slogan “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.”

It has been established to strengthen and connect the advocacy and campaigning activities of civil society that target governments and other stakeholders to deliver on their promises and commitments on HIV and AIDS. Whether that is with politicians, policy makers, the donor community or those countries most affected by HIV or indeed a multilateral agency or civil society, the aim is to create a unified voice on the need to take the action necessary to scale up the response to HIV.

The civil society-led WAC campaign targets politicians and policy-makers of countries most affected by HIV as well as donor governments, international agencies such as those of the United Nations, as well as civil society. It supports people and organisations to work together more closely, unite and soundly advocate at the national and international levels, so the campaign can deepen the partnership for a stronger response to AIDS.


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