Protect children and adolescents and their families.

HIV/AIDS is hitting the world’s children and young people hardest. More than half of all new HIV infections are in people under the age of 25. Millions are growing up without parents or in households with sick and dying family members, with little or no access to education and health services, and without minimum nutrition. For girls this situation is exacerbated by factors such as trafficking, forced prostitution, rape, female circumcision and early marriage - all of which put girls at risk of contracting HIV.

Children affected by HIV/AIDS are part of the solution to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and, with their families and communities, can play a vital role in mitigating its impact. Massive action from communities, organisations and governments, is critical in closing the colossal gap between what has been done, and what needs to be done to protect children affected by HIV/AIDS.

World AIDS Campaign

The World AIDS Campaign is a global coalition of national, regional and international civil society groups united by the call for governments to honour their AIDS commitments under the slogan “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.” It has been established to strengthen and connect the advocacy and campaigning activities of civil society that target governments and other stakeholders to deliver on their promises and commitments on HIV and AIDS. Whether that is with politicians, policy makers, the donor community or those countries most affected by HIV or indeed a multilateral agency or civil society, the aim is to create a unified voice on the need to take the action necessary to scale up the res...

Stop AIDS in Children campaign

390,000 children die of AIDS every year. 580,000 children will die in the next two years. ‘Stop AIDS in Children’ campaign run by International HIV and AIDS charity AVERT aims at bringing those numbers down. Any baby born to a mother with HIV risks becoming infected during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. The chance of this happening can be massively reduced by giving HIV infected mothers and their babies anti-HIV drugs and. The Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission (PMTCT) is a name for an intervention that significantly increases chances of bringing to this world an AIDS-free child (risk can be reduced to 2%). The Stop AIDS in Children campaign is asking for: Governments o...

Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS

'Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS' is UNICEF's international campaign that strives for real and lasting change to protect the rights of children affected by HIV. For years children with HIV haven’t been receiving the life-saving medicine they needed and have been often denied their right to be a child. Therefore, in 2005 'Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS' was launched as a global Call to Action to all those working to protect children from the impact of HIV and AIDS drawing attention to the international community’s commitment to the Millennium Development Goals and the promises world leaders have made since the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS in 2001. The c...
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