Every One Campaign

EVERY ONE is a global campaign to save millions of children’s lives. Over 20 000 children under the age of five will die today. Most of their deaths could have been prevented. But the reality is that not every child has an equal chance of survival. Children from the poorest communities are most likely to die. Save the Children ‘Every One’ campaign gives a helping hand to those children.

In 2009 over 8 million children around the world died from basic illnesses before their fifth birthday. If this had been stopped in rich countries, it can be stopped in poor countries, too.

With EVERY ONE campaign, Save the Children is committed to:

  • Exercising more pressure on western governments and donors so that they double spend on basic healthcare and put more efforts into combating malnutrition.
  • Holding governments to account for their promise to achieve MDG4
  • Mobilising 60 million people to push their governments to act
What is needed is the will – from politicians, the public, aid agencies, companies, EVERY ONE – to make change happen on a global scale. In Save the Children five-year campaign to end injustice, EVERY ONE of us has a role to play in saving children's lives. Start today!

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