Leave no Child Out campaign

Discrimination and exclusion against children must stop! This was the message given across the CEE/CIS and Baltic States region when the Regional Network for Children (the regional representation of the Global Movement for Children) launched its ‘Leave No Child Out’ campaign at the end of 2003. In Romania, the launch of the campaign concentrated on discrimination against Roma children in the country, and brought together a coalition of NGOs, international organisations, media, Roma mothers and children. In Georgia, children from orphanages were involved in the launch which discussed plans for youth networks and child protection and also had a viewing of one-minute videos produced by the area.

The Leave no Child Out campaign underscores the principle enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child that all children have equal rights and that no child should be discriminated against or excluded from opportunities, services, protection or participation.

Why Leave no Child out?

Explains the purpose of the Leave no Child out campaign run by the RNC in Central and Eastern Europe
Why the theme of Leave No Child Out? Leave No Child Out was one of the 10 points of the GMC's successful Say Yes for Children campaign in 2001. Of the 95 million pledges made worldwide, 26 million came from the CEE/CIS region and Leave No Child Out was the number one priority identified by participants from our region.
The Leave No Child Out campaign is intended to show that the time has come to move from pledges and commitments to actions and effective social change to improve children's lives.

The campaign will highlight the situation of children who belong to groups particularly at risk of social exclusion: 

  • children of ethnic, racial or religious minorities;

  • children belonging to impoverished families;

  • children who are disabled or have special needs;

  • children without parental care or those displaced by armed conflict (IDPs and refugees);

  • girls discriminated against because of their gender, and

  • children and young people living with HIV/AIDS.

While concentrating on these grave problems that affect millions of children in our region, the campaign will also emphasise solutions, pointing to policies, laws, budgets and programmes that can improve the situation of children facing social exclusion. It will promote the values of tolerance and peaceful resolution of conflicts, of solidarity and participation in democratic societies.

Materials for the Leave No Child Out campaign

Regional facts on ethnicity, poverty, disablities, gender discrimination in Central and Eastern Europe
'Every girl and boy is born free and equal in dignity and rights: all forms of discrimination and exclusion against children must end.' The World Fit for Children.

What are the campaign themes of the RNC's Leave No Child Out campaign? For materials, fact sheets, posters etc. please click on the links below!

  • Overview of the campaign

  • Ethnicity Fact Sheet

  • Poverty Fact Sheet

  • Disabilities Fact Sheet

  • Institutionalisation Fact Sheet

  • Internally Displaced Refugee Fact Sheet

  • Gender Fact Sheet

  • HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet

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