Universal Birth Registration

Every year millions of children are not registered at birth. That deprives them of a lot of opporunities in the future. Without birth certificate they are denied access to eduction, healthcare, property just to name a few . Plan International appreciates the seriousness of the situation and with its ‘Universal Birth Registration’ campaign steps in to bring awareness to the problem.

A birth certificate plays crucial role and has a great impact on the future of a child. It protects children and gives them rights that every citizen is entitled to. It provides permanent, official and visible evidence of a state's legal recognition of the child’s existence as a member of society.

Plan's campaign is ensuring more children receive birth certificates for:

  • easier access to education & healthcare
  • protection against child labour & child marriage
  • defence against abuse and child trafficking

Although all except two countries around the world have committed to ensuring universal birth registration, this still hasn't been achieved. This campaign aims to change that. With the campaign Plan keeps on trying to help families register their children for birth certificates.  You can support Plan’s work on birth registration today.

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