ASEAN Partnership Group is a network of non-governmental organisations committed to providing ongoing policy, planning and monitoring support to the ASEAN Secretariat on two issues central to ASEAN’s socio-cultural community that are also top priorities for many NGOs: (a) reducing infant mortality; and (b) building resilient communities, i.e. strengthening humanitarian response and disaster risk reduction including in the context of climate change. Strengthening the relationship with ASEAN and developing further synergies is Group’s focal point.

The Group’s policy, planning and monitoring is to be in line with ASEAN secretariat objective to “establish effective, efficient, transparent, responsive and accountable civil service systems through increased capacity-building, enhancement of public human resource competencies among ASEAN bureaucracies, and increased collaboration among ASEAN Member States”. The ASEAN Secretariat is an invaluable interlocutor and facilitator for NGOs. Its principles emphasise the need for social as well as economic progress (all ASEAN governments have committed themselves to the MDGs) – “a community of caring societies” – and stress the importance of cooperation.

One of the major goals of ASEAN Partnership Group it to facilitate inclusive dialogue between governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, bring the voices of the most marginalized to the fore, and maximize learning from the diverse experiences of development practice in ASEAN. The Group is dedicated to providing technical support in plan development, sharing best practice from around the region and the world, assisting with the development of indicators for key inputs and outcomes, and supporting data collection and monitoring processes that include civil society and community involvement.

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