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PAKISTAN: Children suffer in continuing aftermath of 2010 floods

KARACHI, 29 July 2011 (IRIN) - A year after the most devastating floods in living memory in Pakistan ravaged an area the size of the UK along the Ri…

IRAQ: Youth unemployment driving emigration

BAGHDAD, 20 July 2011  - A just released national youth survey in Iraq says youth unemployment is running at over 20 percent and many young peo…

The Global Movement for Children unites efforts to build a world fit for children.

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Our 10 imperatives:
  • Leave No Child Out
  • Put Children First
  • Care for Every Child
  • Fight HIV/AIDS
  • Stop Harming and Exploiting Children
  • Listen to Children
  • Educate Every Child
  • Protect Children from War
  • Protect the Earth for Children
  • Fight Poverty, Invest in Children
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