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The Global Movement for Children  

The Global Movement for Children (GMC) aims at uniting efforts from organisations, people and children to build a world fit for children.

The GMC was created as a result of the outstanding success of the “Say Yes for Children” campaign which led to the UN Special Session on Children in 2002 resolving to help mobilize citizens of every nation families, communities, civil society, organizations of every kind and children within an active, influential and united movement.

At present, the GMC is led by a coalition of the largest organisations and networks focused on children composed at a global level by ENDA Tiers Monde, Plan International, REDLAMYC, Save the Children, UNICEF and World Vision, which together make up the Convening Committee. At a regional level, the GMC is led by the Regional Platforms which are in turn integrated by national platforms of organisations working with child rights.

The main objectives of the GMC are to:
  • Unite and coordinate a large global constituency of organisations and people to influence public opinion and organise collective action;
  • Promote and support child participation;
  • Influence and encourage political commitments and accountability.
In short, the GMC seeks to jointly promote global advocacy campaigns for child rights and accountability of governments vis-à-vis their children.

Be part of the GMC

The changes needed throughout the world to protect the rights of children begin with actions taken by all of us: everyone must play their part, from governments to organisations and individuals, including children. The message is straightforward: only by working together will we turn the tide in favour of children.

Everyone working with and for children can be part of the Global Movement for Children. The name, logo and principles of the Global Movement are offered to all who stand for the rights of children, as means of displaying solidarity and as a banner under which to rally. By joining the Global Movement for Children at the “Join Us” section you are adhering to the GMC’s principles and will become a part of the GMC.







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