Gambia: Celebration of the African child day

Gambia 17 June 2011, - The National Coordination of the WCYA celebrated African Child Day on the theme: All together for urgent actions in favour of street children». The ceremony started with a march to which 160 WCY and 45 guests participated. It ended with a meeting held at Birkama Youth Centre. The Farafenni WCY gave a dramatic performance on the dangers incurred by mobile children. It was followed by a Serere cultural event animated by the WCY of Barra. The drama and cultural group from Brikama organised a sketch on the theme: «ignorance is not an excuse for violating children’s rights». In the evening, the National Coordination organised a contest on the history of the AMWCY. There was as well a dancing, singing and general knowledge quiz; a beauty contest and a debate on child-related issues, particularly girls. Focusing on rapes girls are often subjected to, those who intervened called on the latter to dress properly, keep a watchful eye and denounce rape perpetrators. These celebrations helped the National Coordination establish collaborative relationships with the Board of Governors, the Gambian Western Region Counsellor, Farmers Association, Saamasang Organisations and IOGT.

Source: African Movement of Working Children and Youth

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